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15 years at Hill Robinson. Giles Hunt, head of technical department and deputy director

“I think I was the ninth person to join with Niall and Nick, who I already knew from previous positions in the superyacht community in Antibes. My background was perhaps not typical for the time, out of University, in my case with a Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering degree, I set off to the South of France tojoin the Riviera lifestyle working as an
engineer on superyachts. This was a great period, over 3 years on 3 yachts in the Med and Middle East. This is when I earned my practical engineering knowledge. The highlight of my yachting period was working as a Junior Engineer on the Blohm and Voss gas turbine driven motor yacht ECO.

Being a member of a superyacht crew can be intensely hard work whether in refit times or full operation mode. I have the utmost respect for the crews whom I now support having been there myself. I was passionate about the work though and it was the perfect learning curve which paved the way to my next career move when I left yachting and returned to the UK for two years to work with Naval Architect Nigel Gee & Associates in Southampton to work on some very exciting new yacht design projects.

Then in 2004 I joined Hill Robinson in the capacity of Fleet Manager ISM and as our managed fleet grew we added more people and set in place a formal Technical Department. The scope of the Hill Robinson customer offering grew into every corner of management and support for the owners, their yachts and their crew. A truly holistic approach. From every-day logistics, all things technical, project management of new builds and refits; procurement of spares, crew logistics; VSAT communications et al, our assigned managers find the devil in the detail and take the stress out of yacht ownership and operation.

Currently working in my Technical and Compliance team we have Yan Turner, Pino Di Mora, Yannis Zannos, Xavier Perrone and in ISM & Compliance, Michele Minns Perrone, Olivier Marien and Nicole Hammerton. This is a first class professional team with sleeves rolled up ready for the next challenge''

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