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HRCrew Angels continue to work their magic

In the ever changing circumstances following the outbreak of COVID-19, just to let you know, that HRCrew is very much operational, fully functional and working remotely with great resources, such as our database, video interviewing and team connection tools. The first quarter of 2020 was our busiest ever!

A really new and novel development, Hill Robinson is now providing on-board training services which are divided in multiple modules, covering all aspects of crew functions and the programme is designed to be carried out to cover all the key areas of operations of a yacht. We also organise crew well-being webinars to assist fleet crew in optimising their time and personal energy levels to create a sense of empowerment. We continue to have jobs available and they are coming in daily!

Please take a look at our latest press release and click here: Hill Robinson crew department update April 2020

For more information, please contact crew@hillrobinson.com