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Tivat, Montenegro cruising

Day One

Guest arrive on board the yacht which will be moored in the Porto Montenegro Marina. Once on board, we will move to Islands off Perast; home to two stunning 16th Century churches.
Distance: 4 Nm

If weather permits it could be possible to tie to the dock alongside Otok Gospa overnight, which would provide a stunning backdrop for dinner on board.

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Day Two

Cruise to Kotor and spend the day. This beautiful town is located along one of Wold’s most beautiful bays. Kotor is a city of traders and famous sailors. The Old City of Kotor is a well preserved urbanization typical of the middle Ages, built between the 12th and 14th century. Through the entire city the buildings are criss-crossed with narrow streets and squares.

It’s recommended to clear out of Montenegro in preparation for departure to Croatia.
Distance: 5.7 Nm

At guests’ preference the night can be spent on the dock, or the yacht can return to the bay of Perast.

Day Three

Depart Kotor after breakfast and cruise up the coast towards Cavtat; and ancient town built on the ruins of the Greek settlement of Epidaurus. This will be our port of entry into Croatia
Distance: 41 Nm

There a good chance the yacht will remain overnight on the dock, if space is available; if not, there are various anchorages in the immediate area to choose from.

Day Four

Depart Cavtat for Dubrovnik after breakfast where a guided tour will be arranged for you to explore this historic town to it’s fullest potential. Enjoy the stunning Old Town which is encircled with massive stone walls, completed in the 16th century and offers many museums.
Distance: 12. 5 Nm

If the weather is settled, then  it is recommended to remain at anchor overnight, just off Otok Lokrum

Day Five

Depart Dubrovnik and head for Polace on Otok Mljet, a traditional Mediterranean fishing village next to one of the main entrances to Mjet National Park.  The park offers a stunning scenery and peaceful atmosphere with great possibilities for hiking, biking and swimming. Remain at anchor overnight, offering a stunning view.
Distance: 40 Nm

Day Six & Seven

Depart early and head for Otok Hvar, The island of Hvar, known as the Saint Tropez of Croatia, is the queen of the Croatian Dalmatian islands. The island of Hvar is famous for its important strategic and nautical position, the rich of the various historical periods, the culture and natural monuments and the literature.

It is possible to spend at least 2 days in this area, using the town as a base to explore the many small out lying islands during the day.
Distance: 63 Nm

Day Eight

Cruise to Otok Vis, which is a small Island to the South West of Hvar. Of all the Croatian islands, Vis is the most mysterious even ot the locals. Vis is divided between two beautiful small towns at the foot of two large bays.: Vis Town in the northeast and Komiza in the southwest. Vis Town is historically associated with the upper-class nobility while Komiza is known for its working-class fishing heritage. The rugged coast around the island is dotted with gorgeous coves, caves and a couple of sand beaches.
In the evening the yacht anchors off Komiza and remain there overnight. A good opportunity for hiking, if so desired.
Distance: 13 Nm

Day Nine

Depart from Otok Vis after breakfast and cruise to our final destination of Trogir; a stunning town, which can be explored from the town quay, where the yacht will dock. The historic town centre of Trogir is a pedestrianized district that is like an outdoor museum. Finely-carved facades, elegant churches and palaces, Renaissance gates and medieval streets reflect Dalmatian art and architecture at its best.

Distance: 30 nm

*Please note that this itinerary is based on arrival airport of Tivat, and departure airport of Trogir.
If more time is available, we can suggest alternate Islands and anchorages to visit in the area.