Niall Robinson

Founding Partner and CEO

Nick Hill

Founding Partner

Mark Robinson


Karl Hartmann


Paul Cook

Chief Operating Officer

Kurt Fraser

Chief Commercial Officer

Mike Roberts

Chief Financial Officer

Jane Stevenson

Chief People Officer

Carole Calviera

General Manager

Pino Di Mora

Senior Project Manager / General Manager Italy

Mark Gilson


Giles Hunt

General Manager, Europe

Stelios Kazamia


Yan Turner

CEO, Hill Robinson Saudia

Barrett Wright

President, Hill Robinson USA

Isabel Bermudez

Head of Yacht Management, Antibes and Spain

Trina Davies

Head of Accounting

Brett Dutton

Head of Aviation

Nicolas Fry

Head of Charter Management

Johannes Hajek

Head of Accounting and Administration, Antibes

Tracy Haynes

Group Head of Human Resources

Laura Henighen

Head of Academy

Susanne Jovanovic

Head of Recruitment

Kevin Laverty

Director of Projects

William Molloy

Head of Charter, Moravia Yachting

Egil Nordstrom

Head of Fleet Compliance

Adam Papadakis

Head of Sales, Moravia Yachting

Margot Pinho

Head of Human Resources, Antibes

Marco Rossi

Principal Surveyor

Peter van Toor

Head of Procurement

Yannis Zannos

Head of Technical

Xavier Perrone

Commercial Manager

Marianne Richards

Group Operations Systems Manager

Kayleigh Liddell

Crew Services Manager

Lena Reeves

Crew Marketing Coordinator

Julia Notter

Marketing Manager

Maha Elyazzaoui

Marketing Manager, Moravia Yachting

Ellen De Jong

Recruitment Consultant - Yachts

Hugo Debast

Recruitment Consultant – Yachts

Esther Delamare

Senior Recruitment Consultant - Yachts

Lucie Fox

Recruitment Consultant - Yachts

Danielle Francois

Crew & Yacht Administrator

Zahida Gerbaud

Recruitment Administrator - Yachts

Luke Randall

Recruitment & Business Development

Lisa Ricourt

Recruitment Consultant - Yachts & Private Estates

Rosa Rodrigo Gutierrez

Recruitment Consultant - Yachts