The yachting industry has evolved immensely over the years, with superyachts becoming increasingly luxurious and complex.

Owning a yacht is not just about enjoying the open seas; it's about managing a sophisticated asset that requires expert knowledge and attention to detail.

This is where comprehensive yacht management services come into play, ensuring that owners can appreciate their time on the water while leaving the intricacies of operations and logistics to the professionals.

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Yacht Management Services

Why choose our yacht management services?

Wealth of experience

As a trusted yacht management company, we have highly experienced yacht managers with unparalleled proficiency and knowledge in complex yacht operations and support. Our extensive relationships within the superyacht industry are second to none and ensure a smooth experience at every stage of a yacht’s lifecycle.

Elevated customer service

Maintaining positive, long-lasting relationships with our clients is at the heart of our business philosophy. We understand that a long-term partnership means we must consistently and continually exceed our clients’ expectations and meet last-minute demands. We have a deep understanding of each client’s needs, priorities, and preferences.

Collaborative benefits

We have a long history of fostering and nurturing connections and relationships with industry professionals, yacht brokers, shipyards, suppliers, marine surveyors, master mariners, naval architects, marine engineers, insurance brokers, and flag states and class societies. Collaboration with these experts provides yacht owners with access to a wealth of knowledge, experience, and proficiency, leading to the most favourable outcomes and long-term effective management.

Customised yacht management services

With an unparalleled range of yacht management services, we are dedicated to meeting the unique needs of each owner. We can provide tailored operational support, technical assistance, and financial oversight. Owners have the option of choosing between a modular approach that offers uniquely selected yacht management services or opting for full 360-degree management.

Discrete yacht operations

We understand luxury yacht owners and their guests value privacy and confidentiality. We handle sensitive information related to owners, guests, itineraries, and other operational details with the utmost care. Maintaining discretion ensures this information is not shared or misused, preserving the privacy of high-profile clients, public figures and business owners.


“Our biggest strength is teamwork. We work directly with our clients – each yacht manager is supported by a yacht administrator and technical, account, recruitment and compliance managers to form a strong and responsive client service team. We continuously share information, ensuring the smooth running of each yacht.”

Isabel Bermudez
Head of Yacht Management, Antibes and Spain
A full spectrum of services

Yacht management services

We offer complete packages, providing owners with bespoke solutions that support superyacht ownership. Services include safety and compliance, accounting and financial control, technical and maintenance support, and operational and crew support, each designed to ensure your superyacht operates with precision.

Our yacht management services meet the needs of each owner and are available as a complete solution or on a modular basis. Whether you desire 360-degree yacht management or require select services, you’ll benefit from our quality of service, attention to detail, and value for money, which are the pillars of our portfolio of services.

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Your dedicated manager will coordinate all of your yacht management needs.
Safety and Compliance

Safety and Compliance

Safety and security are critical factors for every yacht, whether private or commercial. These cornerstones are an intrinsic part of our approach to yacht management. We navigate the complex web of regulations and ensure that your yacht operates according to international maritime laws. From safety protocols and medical support to environmental standards, we oversee every detail to guarantee the safety of your vessel, its crew, and the environment. With a dedicated team of experts, we provide comprehensive risk assessment and implement up-to-date security measures that ensure your yacht’s operations align with the highest industry standards.

  • 24-hour emergency response and medical support
  • Fully ISM/ISPS certified and audited
  • ISM & ISPS familiarisation, training and drills
  • Onboard safety audits, risk assessments, and ship security plans
  • Certification and documentation management system
  • DPA and CSO service
  • DoC for all major flag states

Our unique yacht management software: HRclick

For the past 10 years, our clients have benefited from HRclick, our trusted document and yacht management software system. Purpose-built by our team of experts, this software draws on our industry-leading knowledge and is constantly evolving, striving to remain ahead of the curve in both functionality and performance. The exclusive yacht software has become a market leader and is the cornerstone of our ISM system.

HRclick is a simple yet powerful support tool for crew to improve efficiency. The software facilitates crew compliance, hours of rest, ISM forms and associated checklists, and yacht certification.

  • Improves yacht management efficiency
  • 24-hour shoreside tech support and advice
  • Routine technical maintenance
  • Integrated industry-leading software
  • Facilitates crew compliance and tracks crew rest hours
  • Enhances general operational administration

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Yacht accounting and financial control

Transparent financial management is vital for smooth yacht operations and secure, accurate and prompt handling of payments is one of our greatest strengths. Our experienced in-house team includes qualified, chartered accountants who meticulously track expenses, revenues, and budget allocation. We provide yacht owners with yearly budgets and accurate financial reports. We also effectively manage supplier invoices, ship’s bank accounts, credit cards and cash. This allows owners to make informed decisions about their yacht’s financial health. Our tailored financial yacht management solutions help owners optimise costs while maintaining the luxurious experience they expect, ensuring their investment remains pleasurable.

  • Preparation of annual budgets including major refits
  • Cost control, cash flow reporting and online invoice approval
  • Organising funds
  • Ship’s banking, credit cards and currency
  • Paperless process and electronic archiving
  • Prompt payments

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Technical and maintenance support

Our technical and maintenance management support covers every aspect of a vessel’s upkeep. From routine inspections to intricate repairs, we manage all technical aspects with meticulous attention to detail to keep each yacht in pristine condition. Our network of skilled engineers and technicians ensures rapid response and high-quality workmanship, minimising downtime and maximising the time owners spend enjoying their luxury yachts.

  • Emergency technical support 24/7
  • Maintenance planning
  • Technical inspections
  • Liaising with class and flag
  • Quality and budget control
  • Yard period planning

Operational and crew support

Smooth operations and a satisfied crew are the heart of an exceptional yachting experience. We streamline all operational aspects of each yacht, including finding berths. With our expertise, owners can focus on enjoying time at sea while we handle the logistics and support to make every voyage exceptional. Our multilingual, worldwide yacht management and operations support is available to captains and crew 24/7.

Our dedicated yacht managers will coordinate an owner’s crew, yacht management and operational needs – with professionalism and expertise, where and when required.

  • Shoreside logistics and general office support
  • Liaison with port authorities for berths and harbour facilities
  • Supplies and procurement
  • Assistance with local authorities
  • Purchasing with our fleet discount
  • Travel arrangements for crew
  • Guidance on international cruising requirements


“Our teams are made up of former crew, naval architects, accountants and a variety of other professional backgrounds. That way we can provide a well-rounded support network and array of expertise to each of our yachts under management.”

Marianne Richards
Group Operations Systems Manager

Our yacht owner services

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Yacht Management

What are the benefits of using a yacht management company?

Global expertise and knowledge

Yacht management companies have a deep understanding of the yachting industry, including regulations, technical aspects, crew management, and more. With more than 20 years of experience in yacht management, we ensure your yacht is operated, maintained, and managed to the highest standards.

Time savings

Managing a yacht can be time consuming, with numerous tasks ranging from maintenance coordination to crew management. We understand yacht owners want to get maximum enjoyment from their yachts, and making use of our comprehensive yacht management services ensures yachting enthusiasts can focus on creating unforgettable memories on the water without the stress and hassle of day-to-day management.

Increased safety standards

We stay up-to-date with maritime regulations and safety standards and ensure a yacht operates in compliance with these regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues and enhancing the safety of each vessel and its passengers.

Financial transparency

We provide detailed financial reporting, tracking expenses and revenues. This transparency allows discerning owners to have a clear understanding of the financial aspects of yacht ownership and make informed decisions.

Cost effective

Yachts require regular maintenance to remain in optimal condition. As part of our yacht management services, we schedule and oversee maintenance tasks, preventing issues from becoming major problems, ultimately preserving the value of each yacht and saving owners money in the long term.

Emergency response

In case of emergencies, we have established protocols and contacts to handle situations promptly and effectively, providing peace of mind to owners and guests.

Better resale value

A well-maintained and professionally managed yacht tends to retain its value better over time, especially if the yacht management company is a trusted and recognised name within the industry. We contribute to the long-term value of your investment, making it easier and faster to find a willing buyer.

A client-centric team

Bridging the gap between superyacht and shore

Our success in the superyacht sector is owed to our highly experienced and client-centric team, committed to the highest standards of professionalism and integrity. Our yacht management team supports captains and owners with all types of yacht operations and provides the necessary expertise to assist in the efficient running of a vessel. Every aspect will be taken care of with meticulous attention to detail and streamlining processes, saving both time and money.

“We are very good at adapting to each client’s needs. Our yacht management is not a standard service, how it works for one boat can look completely different to how it works for another boat, because we listen to the owners and captains and what their specific expectations are.”

Barrett Wright
President Hill Robinson USA

Yacht Management FAQs

What yacht management services does Hill Robinson offer?

As a leading yacht management company with over two decades of expertise, we offer a comprehensive range of services, including technical yacht management and maintenance support, operational logistics, yacht accounting and financial administration, crew support, compliance, and security management. Our industry intelligence and market expertise mean we are trusted by the world’s most discerning yacht owners.

How experienced is the Hill Robinson team in yacht management?

We have a highly experienced, multilingual team of maritime professionals from diverse backgrounds, including former yacht captains, engineers, and maritime lawyers. Our team brings decades of experience to ensure the highest standards.

Can you help with the purchase or sale of a yacht?

Yes. Moravia Yachting is part of the Hill Robinson Group and offers brokerage services to assist clients with the purchase or sale of a yacht. The Moravia Yachting team of luxury yacht brokers provide expert advice on market trends, valuations, and yacht transaction processes, supported by the technical expertise of Hill Robinson.

Does Hill Robinson provide crew recruitment services?

Yes, as a leading yacht management company, we provide efficient crew recruitment services trusted by superyacht captains globally. We have an extensive database of professional, qualified crew members to meet the specific needs of each yacht.

What measures do you take to ensure yacht safety and security?

We take yacht safety and security seriously. Our yacht compliance team provides robust safety and security management systems, including carrying out regular safety audits, risk assessments, and continuous monitoring to ensure the well-being of both the crew and yacht.

Can you manage my yacht's finances?

Yes, we offer full yacht accounting and financial services, underpinned by an in-house team of qualified chartered accountants. Our yacht financial administration services include financial reporting and forecasting, payment of crew salaries, management of supplier invoices, and the preparation of annual budgets. Our robust financial services are designed to keep owners fully informed about their yacht’s financial status.

How can I contact Hill Robinson for more information?

Through our contact page, where you will also find contact details for our international offices. Our team is available to answer any questions you may have and will be happy to provide more information about our yacht management services.

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