Hill Robinson’s yacht charter management experience is unmatched in the superyacht industry. Our team of recognised industry experts has a proven track record of handling significant charter contracts for the world’s most luxurious superyachts and mega yachts. From managing the yacht’s charter calendar to marketing the vessel to a global audience, we take care of the entire process, offering a turnkey service that is second to none.

For many yacht owners, the benefits of chartering their yacht go beyond generating income. A busy yacht is where the crew is motivated and the systems are fully utilised and, therefore, reliable. Our yacht charter management team works with captains and owners to ensure the smooth running of a charter vessel and maximise the yacht’s charter potential.

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A wealth of experience

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With over two decades of expertise, the Hill Robinson team is adept at handling every facet of the charter process in-house. Every client benefits from a dedicated charter manager who will ensure your vessel runs a flawless charter programme.

A successful charter management programme requires meticulous planning, transparent processes, and careful financial control. Our offices are structured to maximise accountability, performance, and streamline communications.

With management services built into our DNA, Hill Robinson has the expertise and know-how to deliver a charter management service that is second to none. Contact our team today to learn how we can help ensure you maximise your vessel’s charter success.

Charter Management

Delivering quantifiable results

Designed to optimise availability and maximise revenue in accordance with the owner’s wishes, our charter management services deliver quantifiable results. As a leading yacht management company, we are committed to delivering exceptional service levels. We are trusted by the world’s most experienced and demanding superyacht owners.

We optimise charter services around your personal use of your yacht, offering a bespoke service that unlocks the best charter management experience tailored to your unique needs.

We manage every element of a charter vessel’s operations.  From managing a yacht’s calendar and proactive charter to marketing for the vessel, to advising crew service standards and negotiating charter contracts. With a proven track record and trusted industry partners, Hill Robinson’s yacht charter management services put you and your yacht first. With Hill Robinson, yacht owners can rest assured that their charter operations are commercially compliant and that their personal interests are protected.

Our charter management services include:

  • Preparing a yacht and crew for charter operations
  • Checking compliance and documentation
  • Charter yacht marketing
  • Promoting the yacht to the industry brokers
  • Presenting charter offers to the owners and negotiating when needed in accordance with their best interests
  • Contract negotiation and management
  • Collecting payment instalments and distribution of APA to the captain
  • Making applicable VAT payments
  • Administering owner’s obligations under MYBA contracts
  • Detailed and transparent financial reporting


Marketing your charter yacht

Our dedicated charter yacht marketing team crafts high-impact marketing strategies so that your charter vessel is fully booked at the times you want it to be.

Hill Robinson harnesses best-in-class digital and traditional marketing tools to ensure your yacht is marketed to the widest, most qualified global audience. The marketing team works closely with our charter managers to ensure every yacht’s unique value proposition is exquisitely highlighted at every touchpoint, including printed brochures, stunning videography, photography, and well-crafted copy shared on our own digital platforms as well as carefully selected partner platforms.

We also attend leading charter boat shows, enabling us to market your yacht to a highly primed group of individuals.

The Hill Robinson difference

Why choose our charter management services?

Hill Robinson excels at yacht management, boasting over two decades of expertise. Our success in the global superyacht sector, coupled with our client-centric methodology, means we are trusted by the world’s most discerning yacht owners to manage all aspects of their vessels, including providing charter management services.

All our clients benefit from a dedicated charter manager who is entirely focused on delivering what’s best for them and their yacht. Everything we do is born out of the desire to protect our clients’ best interests, ensuring a heightened level of service that is second to none.

Our highly experienced yacht managers are available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, ensuring we are there even when the unexpected arises. Contact our team today to learn more about our charter management services.

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Yacht Charter Management FAQs

What is a yacht charter management company?

A yacht charter management company specialises in providing management services for charter vessels, including promoting the vessel for charter.

Managing a charter vessel can be complex and time-consuming and requires a highly experienced team with deep industry knowledge, including knowledge of the ever-changing compliance landscape.

At Hill Robinson, we excel at handling every facet of the charter process with demonstrable experience in providing flawless charter management services for the world’s finest superyachts.

What does a yacht charter management company do?

A yacht charter management company plays a vital role in the smooth operations of a charter vessel, including promoting the vessel to qualified individuals interested in chartering a luxury yacht. Charter management companies, such as Hill Robinson, offer complete charter management services designed to remove any pain points of chartering a yacht while helping to maximise the vessel’s charter potential. Charter yacht management services include:

  • Marketing of the charter vessel
  • Charter bookings and MYBA contracts
  • Charter client services

The other services included in charter management will differ for each company. Hill Robinson is a leading charter management provider that offers 360-degree charter management services tailored to the needs of each owner. Our charter management services further include:

  • Financial administration, including deposits and balance payment, APA allocation, and VAT payments.
  • Liaison with the charter broker to prepare suitable itineraries

Hill Robinson’s charter managers offer flawless charter management services with significant experience in handling charter contracts for the world’s finest superyachts. We have the knowledge and know-how to maximise charter revenue while providing a heightened service level that yacht owners trust.

How to select the best yacht charter management company?

Selecting the best yacht charter management company is crucial to ensuring flawless service and peace of mind.

Reputation: Consider the reputation and credentials of the charter management company and assess its charter fleet. Ideally, you want to choose a charter management company with demonstrable experience in managing yachts that are in a similar class to yours.

Industry recommendations: Ask for recommendations from other owners and those in the yachting industry. The best yacht charter management companies will rely on a robust industry reputation.

What are the benefits of using a yacht charter management company?

There are several benefits to using a yacht charter management company

  • Expertise and experience: Benefit from the knowledge of industry experts helping you navigate the complex world of yacht ownership.
  • Time savings: Instructing a yacht charter management company will save you significant time.
  • Peace of mind: A yacht charter management company will ensure your charter vessel is fully compliant with maritime regulations, reducing the risk of legal issues.
  • Cost savings: Using a yacht charter management company can actually save you money in the future by maximising your yacht’s charter potential, enhancing operational efficiencies and identifying cost-saving opportunities.
  • Industry contacts: Experienced yacht managers, such as the team at Hill Robinson, boast a wealth of industry contacts, enabling you to troubleshoot any issue with your vessel.
  • Enhanced resale value: A well-managed and maintained vessel with a proven track record as a successful charter yacht can help ensure a higher value when it is time to sell your yacht.
  • 24/7 support: Reputable charter management companies, such as Hill Robinson, are available 24/7, providing assistance in the event of emergencies or unexpected situations.

How will a charter company market my yacht?

Charter companies will use varying strategies to market your charter yacht, including working with other charter brokers and brokerages. Hill Robinson utilises best-in-class digital and traditional marketing strategies. We also have a robust presence at the world’s leading yacht shows, ensuring our fleet of charter yachts is marketed to the broadest possible qualified audience.

Should I use a MYBA yacht charter management company?

Using an accredited yacht charter management company, such as a member of the Mediterranean Yacht Brokers Association, or MYBA, gives you peace of mind that services are carried out professionally and to the highest levels of professionalism. All MYBA members, such as Hill Robinson, possess a proven track record of professional excellence.

How does a yacht charter work?

A yacht charter enables individuals to rent a vessel for a set number of days with tailored cruising itineraries that are planned in advance.

Those interested in chartering a yacht will work with an experienced yacht charter broker to help them select the right yacht for their desired charter experience. The charter broker will help plan a charter itinerary based on the charterer’s unique needs and also discuss provisioning options, which ensure the yacht is stocked with the charterer’s desired food and beverages.

A charter contract will provide protection to all parties concerned and ensure the yacht owner’s vessel is protected.

What contract is needed to charter a luxury yacht?

Most of the global charter fleet is chartered under the Mediterranean Yacht Broker Association, or MYBA, charter contract. The MYBA represents the gold standard for yacht charter contracts and is used by most yacht brokerages, including Hill Robinson. The MYBA contract has been created by yachting industry professionals and is designed to cover all eventualities, offering both charterers and yacht owners peace of mind that their interests are protected.

What is included in a charter fee?

The charter fee covers the rental of the yacht and crew costs. All other costs are included in the Advanced Provisioning Allowance, or APA. The APA covers costs that cannot be fixed in advance, such as fuel, berthing, food and beverages, and on-land experiences. The APA typically adds a further 30-35% to the base charter fee. It is paid in advance, and any unused funds are returned at the end of the charter experience. A charter broker will be able to advise on your estimated APA costs.

How much do owners make from chartering their yachts?

For many yacht owners, chartering their yacht helps to offset some of the operational and maintenance costs of owning a luxury vessel. Hill Robinson’s charter management team can advise owners on how to optimise their yacht’s charter potential and maximise charter revenue, with operational efficiencies and strategic yacht marketing activations. Contact our team today to learn more.

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