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Hill Robinson Aviation services and Management services cover all types of aircrafts from Helicopters, fixed wing propeller, jets to light amphibian aircrafts.

  • Operation management
  • Charter and Purchase
  • Project Management and development
  • Technical Management and Procurement support
  • AOG handling
  • Yacht and support vessel integration
  • Crew recruitment and selection
  • Payroll

This important initiative is being driven by Karl H. Hartmann and co-founder of Hill Robinson, Niall Robinson, and growing at a fast pace. Karl comments on the current position: “We have been very active in the procurement of several seaplanes for our clients as well as building a comprehensive support package to operate and manage a fleet of fixed wing aircraft and helicopters. Building on this, we formulated a special division, Hill Robinson Aviation and added several new aeronautical specialists to our team who have hands-on experience in not only managing aircraft from a technical point of view but are also highly experienced pilots.

Hill Robinson Aviation stretches out into all the management and operational facets to ensure that all bases are covered for demanding customers. The team can now offer specialist services such as new-built and customization of all types of aircraft including the commissioning, in other words, the whole project management process”.

On building new working relationships with aviation suppliers, Karl adds: “Firstly, we are always interested in measuring our performance, especially as we are dealing with major players in the market. We were surprised to find out that we were considered hard task-masters in the procurement and delivery cycle but pleased that this was seen as a positive help to our supplier operations who have incorporated some of our systems.

Regarding new business, we have been able to demonstrate to clients that we are approaching their aviation requirements in a fresh, highly efficient and cost effective manner. Word has spread because we are getting solid inquiries from Family Offices who are finding the aviation support requirement a headache as the complexity grows.”

Yacht and support vessel integration
 The evolving aviation proposition widens the scope by offering customers an all-encompassing aviation service.

For New Business enquiries please contact either Ingrid (Monaco office) on
+377 93 10 29 29 or Stelios (Cyprus office) on +357 25 025 750. Or send a message to new@hillrobinson.com.

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