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Technical Support and Refits

Available 24/7, Hill Robinson has a technical team to help with routine maintenance issues, emergency support or insurance claims. Whatever level of technical support you need, it is just a phone call away.

In addition, we take care of basic issues such as liaising with class and flag, sourcing spares and arranging surveys. Simple tasks that often require patience, diplomacy and language skills. With a broad base of skill sets, the team is proactive and will provide the support you need as you need it – this is team work at its best and it can only help to save time and money.

  • Emergency technical support 24/7
  • Technical management
  • General condition surveys
  • Planning and managing refits, including refit contract negotiation
  • Quality control and maintenance reviews
  • Cost and budget control
  • Clear regular reporting – budget to actual, schedules etc
  • Annual flag state surveys and audits co-ordinated
  • Project time/schedule management
  • Risk management
  • Onsite supervision
  • VSat Airtime
Providing invaluable support, from response to a breakdown
to managing major refits and insurance claims.
Hill Robinson Yacht Management

Giles Hunt
Deputy Director

Yan Turner

Yan Turner
Refit Manager

The Technical Department is managed by Giles Hunt.

In 2004 Giles joined Hill Robinson where he set up the Operational Technical Department and took the role of Head of Technical until his recent promotion to Deputy Director of the Antibes office.

For New Business enquiries please contact either Ingrid (Monaco office) on
+377 93 10 29 29 or Stelios (Cyprus office) on +357 25 025 750. Or send a message to new@hillrobinson.com.

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