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Crew Services Evolution

By Hill Robinson
8 July 2024

For over two decades, we have continued to evolve and meet the ever-changing needs of owners, captains, and crew. Now we are leading the field once more, renewing its crew services offering, designed to provide an extraordinary service for today's yachting requirements. 

We have developed a fully integrated range of services to ensure onboard stability and provide crew members with clear career paths. From finding the right job on the right yacht to providing training, wellbeing, and development programmes onboard and online, the package of services, alongside dedicated day-to-day operational support, reinforces our commitment to crew.

Founding Partner Nick Hill said the company was well placed to establish a higher crew standard, having managed some of the world’s largest yachts.

He said: “Finding and retaining top-quality crew is more challenging today than ever, with the recruitment, employment and training landscape evolving significantly. Well-qualified and motivated crew are essential for maintaining a yacht’s condition and value and delivering an operational programme that provides unforgettable experiences for owners and guests alike.

“We are putting crew services at the forefront of our offer, prioritising support and development. Our aim is clear – by investing in people, we attract, retain and nurture healthy and professional crew growth within the maritime industry.”

Crew Services Coordinator, Kayleigh Liddell, said the aim was to guide owners and crew alike throughout their yachting experience by offering integrated services that exceed standard market requirements. “We recognise that crew development and support is not just a perk but a strategic investment,” she said.

Marianne Richards, Head of Crew Employment, has been working with yacht owners and crew for over 20 years and said a strong crew was vital to successful yachting.

“The quality of every onboard owner and guest experience depends entirely on the crew’s calibre, performance and wellbeing – they are the DNA of successful yacht programmes. By linking, enhancing, and deepening the level of our personalised services, we ensure every owner in our fleet has the best team. And all crew have the support they need with the best employment package possible, she added.

About Crew Services

Owners and Captains can now retain our crew services based on specific needs:

1.      Recruitment services for superyachts through a process that meticulously matches the owner’s unique needs and culture with skilled professionals who embody values of dedication, professionalism, and passion for the seas.

2.      An extension of services to include employment and payroll, helping to navigate the regulatory environment and mitigating liability.

3.      A further enhanced training package designed to actively engage crew to foster loyalty longevity, minimise turnover, and strengthen the yacht’s reputation.

One of the distinguishing factors of our approach when speaking to fleet captains is their significant levels of direct day-to-day engagement. Captains regularly communicate with our team in the manner best suited to the captain and yacht’s needs, extending to each crew member who receives comprehensive support and recognition. This approach enables the crew to focus on their duties onboard in a confident and fulfilled manner. It reinforces our commitment to understanding and addressing the needs of all stakeholders – owners, captains, and crew to foster harmonious collaboration.

Head of Recruitment, Susanne Jovanovic, said: “We pride ourselves on building professional relationships with clients and candidates alike and offer a specialised and unique level of service throughout the process. We deliver tailored solutions to meet the highest standards and ensure optimal performance.”

A Hill Robinson fleet captain attests to our dedication to handling complex crew matters at every stage. “They have always been there for me. They have helped me all the way through, always making sure to take care of my crew, the vessel, and myself. Everyone I have worked with has proven to be helpful, reliable, and professional. I truly believe I couldn’t find a better team.”

As part of this package of support, we have teamed up with the International Seafarers’ Welfare and Assistance Network (ISWAN), to provide a 24/7 helpline to crew and their families. In addition, Mental Health Awareness training, and onboard welfare packs are provided in partnership with Seas the Mind – with the initial response from crew being incredibly positive.

Finally, while everything begins with recruitment, successful crew also have access to professional development. From the minute the crew steps onboard one of our managed yachts, our Academy can curate their career journey. We offer tailored training programmes specifically designed to meet learning needs and support throughout careers.

Our service offers blended learning methods, encouraging peak performance and enriching culture through in-person training programmes, specialising in management and leadership

and interior training. Academy Online, our digital learning platform offers modules that cover onboarding to role-specific training.” We operate as a trusted partner to advise on development that builds on the strength of the individuals in their team,” explained Laura Henighen, Head of Hill Robinson’s Academy. “This results in exemplary service delivery to guests and a highly enjoyable learning experience for our crew.”

To find out more about Crew Services contact:

Recruitment: +33 4 92 90 65 16

Antibes: +33 492 90 59 59

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