Top Flight Service

By Hill Robinson
10 February 2022

Taking you from the sea to the sky, Hill Robinson’s all-encompassing aviation division could be your answer to aircraft charter, logistical operations, purchase and maintenance of amphibious craft, fixed-wing planes and helicopters.

The complementary relationship between superyachts, private jets and helicopters is clear, and Hill Robinson’s aviation division has expanded to meet the needs of their clients across all aspects.

The use of private jets by superyacht owners and charterers is a well-established practice.  Having a helicopter aboard or the provision of a touch-and-go helipad is another element of aviation rapidly growing in popularity, and this growth has been in parallel with Hill Robinson’s aviation division, which now has the ability to deal with buying, managing, operating, charter, crewing and the maintenance of aircraft be they amphibious, fixed wing or helicopters. 

Hill Robinson Partner, Karl Hartmann, advises that the overall objective of the Division is to be “a one-stop service and an end-to-end supplier in meeting the specific needs of clients. If you wish to fly to your boat, call us to organise your transport.”

The specialist division provides a portfolio of services for the movement of owners and guests to and from yachts, be it for a charter guest or an owner and their family; the movement of crew or the transportation of equipment and supplies. Thanks to the division’s global capabilities and operation, location never need be an issue.

In addition to arranging private jet flights and supporting helicopter operations, the division is often involved in a number of logistical movements, which has recently included the use of aircraft such as the huge Antonov 124.

Hill Robinson’s aviation team currently manages a fleet of nine aircraft, a mix of fixed and rotor wing, but additionally charters in other aircraft to meet the specific requirements of clients. The division also works with aircraft privately owned by Hill Robinson clients.

Handling the division’s operations is a team of four with a fifth member joining soon. In addition to these in-house specialists, Hill Robinson’s aviation team can call upon other professionals from their network such as pilots, engineers and operational experts.

The current focus of the aviation division is on refining its service provision, working to further develop charter options for existing customers and expand into aircraft management for new customers, as well as adding to the existing aviation activities generally.

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