Yacht management that looks beyond brokerage

By Hill Robinson
27 June 2024

How our yacht management stands out from brokerage-led alternatives

We take pride in maintaining an industry-leading ratio of managers to yachts.

Our yacht management services provide owners and captains with efficient and in-depth support. Every yacht in our fleet benefits from a dedicated client service from five specialised and knowledgeable team members. Each client service team manages no more than five yachts, ensuring each yacht receives an unparalleled level of attention and support.

For more than 20 years, our core business has been yacht management – an asset that further differentiates us from other companies in the management sector, many of which were founded as brokerage firms and continue to prioritise this area. Having garnered a wealth of experience and capabilities over two decades, our team provides a much deeper level of service compared to the industry standard.

Here’s how our yacht management services, led by a team of experts, stand out…

New build insight

Engaging our project management services for new build projects sets a solid foundation for a yacht’s smooth operation and efficient maintenance. “Our project managers will apply their technical knowhow to incorporate critical, value-added items such as access points and hatches,” explains Giles Hunt, General Manager, Europe. “They will also ensure all vessel drawings are correct and reflect any changes made during production.”

Proactive maintenance

The primary objective of every yacht owner is for trouble-free cruising seasons. As such, our team implements proactive measures to ensure a yacht is maintained and serviced to the highest standards, above and beyond class and statutory requirements.

We plan well in advance for the annual cruising and maintenance cycles that each yacht goes through, working methodically with the crew to determine and advise on the necessary works and maintenance. This includes the minimum system maintenance requirements set out by the manufacturers, action points from class and flag surveys, and anything that will enhance onboard comfort and minimise asset depreciation.

“By being proactive with yacht maintenance, we pre-empt any issues before they occur,” advises Xavier Perrone, Commercial Manager. “As well as ensuring regulatory compliance and guest comfort, this results in a yacht being reliable and available for owner trips and charters.”

Seamless shipyard periods

By monitoring a yacht throughout its cruising seasons, our team can seamlessly support preparations for its maintenance or refit periods. This includes assisting the crew or project manager with organising berths, gathering shipyard quotes, contacting contractors, and presenting a budget with options and recommendations.

Round-the-clock technical support

When technical issues do arise, our team acts as a crucial resource for crew. Whether it’s a minor glitch or a more severe situation, such as an engine failure or grounding, our team are the first point of contact, swiftly assessing the situation and coordinating the appropriate assistance.

Industry-leading ratio of managers to yachts

Our ability to provide such efficient and in-depth support stems from the allocation of sufficient resources. Client service teams – consisting of a yacht manager, compliance manager, technical manager, accountant, and assistant – manage a maximum of five yachts.

“Each client service team manages a carefully weighted group of yachts to allow for continuous communication with the crew and ample support,” explains Giles. “This arrangement also means that the same people are dealing with the same yachts and crew, and this consistency and knowledge retention creates a synergistic and efficient management system.”

Transparent budgeting

Given their specialist knowledge of the running costs across all departments, each one of the client service teams actively contributes towards developing the overall budget. This gives owners a full and accurate picture of the expenditure required to keep their yacht in good condition and protect its value, which they can make an informed decision upon.

Cost savings

Yachts within our fleet benefit from the buying power that comes with our dominant market share and the amount of business we do fleet wide. From procuring for parts and provisions to negotiating shipyard contracts, we have developed strong relationships across the industry and this market sway enables us to secure more competitive pricing for our clients

Unbiased decision-making

While brokerage is the driving force for many of our competitors, we maintain a distinct separation between our yacht management services and Moravia Yachting’s commission-led activities. This allows us to act purely in the client’s best interests, without any possibility that our recommendations and advice could be motivated or guided by commissions.

Flexible yacht management packages

Our services are tailored to suit the level of support required by each yacht. By engaging with the comprehensive offering, however, owners can be safe in the knowledge that our team of professionals are proactively taking care of every aspect of yacht ownership to enhance the reliability of onboard systems and protect the asset value.

Our commitment to providing qualified resources and seamless support allows owners to focus on the pure enjoyment that comes from owning a yacht.

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