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Project Management System - Raising the Bar

This is a rather unassuming title for such a seismic shift in the way the Hill Robinson project management team will be operating in the future, a bit like the Albert Einstein’s catching title, ‘theory of general relativity`! The Hill Robinson Project Management System (PMS) is designed to standardise the way the process of project management will operate in a new efficient and accountable fashion, raising the bar in the superyacht business space for new build and refit project management and establishing a new industry benchmark.

To get a clearer overview of the new HR PMS client offering, Karl Hartmann and Hill Robinson Senior Project Manager, Kevin Laverty explain: “To start with, I would like to be clear that the initiative to develop this fresh iteration of a PMS tool was the result of close teamwork by all the Hill Robinson project managers. Our work is mainly out in the field so we took the opportunity when all of us got together on various occasions and at the Monaco Yacht Show last year to agree on what project management should mean and how HR PMS would coalesce miriad structures, practices, processes and international standards, into a fully integrated operating system. Finally at the Hill Robinson global seminar in December last year we were able to further detail to the final version, ready to go roll out later this year.

The question is why this newly optimised operating system was developed at this point in time? Kevin continues, 'One simple fact is that yachts are now much larger and more complex and in parallel, yacht owners are generally more aware of the process of yacht ownership and quite rightly expect industry leading management.

Historically, and perhaps traditionally, the smaller yachts, undergoing refits for instance, often had ad hoc freelance project managers supporting the owner, or the work was simply overseen by the captain. This is fine, but we felt that a much better process was needed to guarantee the deliverables on time, within budget and to the quality required for the owners of larger yachts. However, like many good methodologies, our system is scalable so we can perform well for smaller yachts and refits as well as the larger vessels. To drive this programme forward we have a core of in house employed project managers, plus a network of qualified resources that can be added into the capacity mix.

In developing the HR PMS the team has taken guidance from international industry standards and bodies such as the Association of Project Management (APM) and the Project Management Institute (PMI). At the operational level the system is based around a 'toolbox' of software tools allowing individual project managers to scale the implementation to the demands of his or her project, whilst maintaining a consistent project management offering”.

By way of a summary, what are the customer benefits of this fresh Hill Robinson initiative? We are stepping up to engage with the new reality in how to deal with the demands of informed yacht owners who are pushing the boundaries in the development of refit and new build yachts of ever more complex, sophisticated undertakings. The new reality in yachting is that we are dealing with large, multidisciplinary capital projects. Our system means we can work a lot more consistently with our clients. But there is more when we can add into this mix the in-house Hill Robinson financial and legal infrastructure teams and procurement team. Importantly we are adding to our core team by trailing talented specialists in-house to meet the growing demands in this market space.

What do we deliver with this Hill Robinson platform? We can define exactly what the HR Project Management offering is, specify the deliverables and actions, ensure that the correct service and quality assurance is in place, deliver she optimum quality and importantly meet customer expectations in all areas, including the age old project objectives of time, cost and quality”.

Written by: Roy Roberts

Hill Robinson Yacht Management

Daniel Nganga Accountant

Daniel Nganga started his career as a banker with Bank of Baroda Kenya limited as a cashier in 2012 and then moved to Marriott International in 2013 where he was working with Ritz Carlton Palace Hotel in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia Starting as a Storekeeper moving as Receiving Clerk, Day Auditor and to become a cost Controller till November 2019.

Daniel joined Hill Robinson in June 2020


  • Candidate for CMA (Certified Management Accountant)
  • Bachelor of Commerce at the Mount Kenya University
  • Diploma in Banking and Financial Services at the Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology
  • Certificate in Hotel Management at the Kiambu Institute of Science and Technology

Languages spoken


Hill Robinson Yacht Management

Ahmed Shaker Managing director

Ahmed F. Shaker is a Marine Consultant, Oceanographer & a Master Mariner, whom been working in the marine industry, diving and navigating the Red Sea for almost 30 years. With vast experience working in different locations from recreational marine tourism related jobs to working in multi billion dollars coastal developments such as JEC, KAUST and KAEC.
Ahmed is a firm believer, that Hill Robinson team will add great value helping Saudi Arabia recognizing its full potential in the Yachting Industry and having a strong impact in helping the 3 major developments along the Red Sea coast.

Ahmed joined Hill Robinson in June 2020


  • Master Mariner
  • Marina Management
  • Business Administration
  • Oceanography
  • Master Scuba Trainer

Languages spoken


Hill Robinson Yacht Management

Alistair Bendall Technical Manager

Alistair has been in the Yachting industry for over 30 years and for the last 20 years he has been a captain on various yachts up to 56 meters. He was involved in several new builds, conversion projects and major refits.

Alistair joined Hill Robinson in March 2020.


  • MCA Master 3000 Gross tonnes ticket
  • BTEC in Naval Architecture and Marine Engineering

Languages spoken



Business Continuity at Hill Robinson | 'Business as Usual' A MESSAGE FROM THE PARTNERS Firstly, on a personal note, we are reaching out to you in these challenging times to wish you all in our business family, and your own families  - a safe passage through the next few months. We all appreciate that the coronavirus pandemic has created a 'new world order' in all parts of our business and family life, but there is an old adage that says  'when the going gets tough, the tough get going'  and this fits well with the positive global response from all the Hill Robinson offices and across all our business activities that will support all our clients, crew, staff and suppliers. Importantly, Hill Robinson were able to proactively initiate business contingency plans well ahead of the Government restrictions as we have excellent and secure communications systems in place, offering reliable support for our efficient service that sets a benchmark in our industry. Hill Robinson is ahead of the curve. In all our offices in France, Monaco, Spain, Italy, Cyprus, UK, IoM, Australia, Saudi Arabia and USA we have activated home-working across our digital network offering the same seamless service expected of Hill Robinson. Our business model is perfectly suited to the challenges ahead, strong finances, a fully digitally-connected workforce already used to remote operation and the right team attitude that will shine through even when we have to work independently. This operational culture is tried-and-tested by our team working remotely in shipyards and on board yachts.  Our yacht managers, accounts & administration teams join together with technical and project managers, efficiently maintaining excellent communications with clients, suppliers, captains and crew. This enables us to be confident we will continue to offer our exemplary support operation through this crisis. Our charter management, sales and charter teams, plus the procurement department are actively processing enquiries and ready to do new business as needed. Our business foundation is about safety and compliance, focusing on client, crew and staff wellbeing.  As an illustration we have issued coronavirus guidelines and our regular fleet notices to all offices and vessels. This includes Risk Assessments issued and completed by each office and vessel. So to sum up, with all our offices and teams remotely connected with all the right tools, the right 'can-do' team spirit, we are ready to offer 'business as usual'. Stay safe and well. Do please also stay in touch with us and see if we can assist you. The Hill Robinson partners Nick Hill, Niall Robinson and Karl H Hartmann Monaco:              +377 93 10 29 29                Palma:        +34 971 675 888 Antibes:               +33 492 90 59 59                Limassol:    +357 25 025 750 Fort Lauderdale: +1 954 792 6112                Gold Coast: +61 755 731 764 Isle of Man:         +44 1624 622 523               Italy:            +39 187 532 270


BLUE MARINE FOUNDATION & HILL ROBINSON PARTNERSHIP Healthy oceans are vital for the future of humanity, not only to provide a future food supply for a growing population, but because complex ocean ecosystems absorb half the planet’s carbon dioxide and produce half our oxygen. Oceans emptied of fish cannot function effectively and are less resilient to other threats such as climate change and acidification. Blue Marine Foundation (BLUE) aims to restore the ocean to health by addressing overfishing, one of the world’s biggest environmental problems. BLUE is dedicated to securing marine protected areas, developing models of sustainable fishing and restoring marine habitats. BLUE’s mission is to see at least 30 per cent of the world’s ocean under effective protection by 2030 and the other 70 per cent managed in a responsible way. With the support of Hill Robinson Yacht Management, BLUE has made strong progress in the Maldives towards our mission of improving the health of marine ecosystems by building capacity for Maldivian marine conservationists. The BLUE team would like to send our heartfelt thanks to Hill Robinson Yacht Management for your support. With the support of Hill Robinson Yacht Management, BLUE has managed to create a network of local conservation leaders on Laamu Atoll over the last 13 months: January 2019: BLUE launched its community citizen science programme on Laamu Atoll called ‘Laamaseelu Farudhun’ (‘exemplary citizens’ in the local language, Divehi). February 2019: BLUE trained 21 people from Laamu Atoll as seagrass guardians. May 2019: Two of Laamu Atoll’s seagrass guardians completed their first independent survey of the seagrass around Fonadhoo island, surveying and mapping 66,500 square meters of seagrass. September 2019: BLUE trained 30 students from a local school as coral reef champions. November 2019: Eight of Laamu Atoll’s seagrass guardians completed their second independent survey of the seagrass around the island of Kunahandhoo. Tropical landscapes are characterised by three key habitats: coral reefs, seagrasses and mangroves which work in parallel to support one another. However, while mangroves and coral reefs have garnered a lot of attention and subsequent conservation efforts, seagrasses have long been ignored and remain undervalued and underappreciated. Seagrass is vital to the low-lying island nation of the Maldives: it prevents beach erosion, fights climate change by absorbing carbon dioxide, provides food for sea turtles, supports fisheries and houses juvenile coral reef fish. However, unfortunately, seagrasses have a particularly bad reputation which stems from the luxury tourism industry who have historically removed seagrasses from around resort islands because they believe they look ‘ugly’. Because of this, many Maldivians believe that seagrasses are ‘weeds’ and do not fully understand how important they are for coral reef health. In 2019, BLUE ran a social media #protectmaldivesseagrass campaign which successfully convinced more than a quarter of all the resorts in the Maldives to agree to protect the seagrasses around their islands, protecting an area of 830,000m2. Following on from this, BLUE decided to kickstart its citizen science programme by working with the people of Laamu to protect their local seagrass beds. In February 2019, BLUE invited two of the world’s leading seagrass experts to the Maldives (Dr. Michael Rasheed, Principal Research Scientist, TropWATER, James Cook University Australia and Professor Mike Van Keulen, Senior Lecturer in Plant Science and Micro-Biology, Murdoch University Australia) to Laamu Atoll to come and lead these sessions together with BLUE’s team and marine biologists from the Maldives Underwater Initiative at Six Senses Laamu. We were absolutely delighted that the programme was so well attended! 21 people from the community, local non-governmental organisations (NGOs), higher education schools and local governments participated in the training and participants were from seven of the eleven inhabited islands on the atoll. In the morning, the team delivered a theory session to participants in a classroom. Participants were provided with training materials and taught about the importance of seagrasses for the Maldives. Specific emphasis was placed on the role of seagrass in offering coastal protection to Maldivian islands. In the afternoon, we took the team into the water to a seagrass meadow where we were able to physically show participants different seagrass species, the visible differences between healthy and unhealthy seagrasses and practice monitoring techniques. By the end of the day, participants were confident about what they learned and felt inspired to contribute research to BLUE to help us to design a marine protected area. It was agreed that participants would return to their home islands and lead independent surveys together with people from their islands on the seagrass meadows around their islands. These would be carried out twice a year and the data collected shared with our team. Laamu Atoll’s seagrass guardians spread their wings as local leaders In May 2019, our seagrass guardians organised their first independent survey of the seagrass meadows around Fonadhoo Island. The survey was initiated by the team from a local NGO who attended our first training session. Two of Laamu Atoll’s seagrass guardians recruited three other people from their local island to join them and they successfully surveyed and mapped 66,500 square meters of their local seagrass meadow! The team plans to fix a permanent monitoring transect to understand the changes overtime at this location. Later last year in November, three other seagrass guardians organised their first independent led survey on the island of Kunahandhoo. They managed to recruit five other people from the island to join them and the successfully mapped and surveyed 36,000 square meters of seagrass! Training young coral reef champions on Laamu Atoll Coral reefs are the foundation of every island in the Maldives. They protect the country’s low-lying islands from erosion and provide the setting for its tourism industry that employs a third of the population and supports the Maldivian economy. However, while the Maldives has a high literacy and school enrolment rate and formal education is valued highly among communities, environmental awareness is low, and many Maldivians still do not understand the science of coral reefs and how they function. In September 2019, BLUE trained 30 students from Isdhoo and Kalaidhoo as coral reef champions and certified them as Discover Reef Check snorkellers. The Reef Check programme teaches children about the basics of coral reef ecology and Shaha, BLUE’s Laamu Project Manager, is a certified trainer. Shaha taught the students about coral reefs and explained why they are so important for the Maldives. She also taught the students how to recognise a healthy coral reef and how to identify key species that you find on coral reefs such as groupers and parrotfish. These students are on the brink of deciding what their future careers will be. However, without fully understanding coral reefs and experiencing them, many of these young people may never have even considered pursuing marine conservation. BLUE believes it has given these students the opportunity to consider a career in marine science and made clear how important their role is in the future of Laamu Atoll’s environment. Conclusion BLUE has successfully provided more than 50 people on Laamu Atoll with a basic understanding of the local habitats that surround their islands and equipped them with the knowledge to help protect them. More than 10 of our trainees have already carried out independent monitoring of their local seagrass meadows – a huge achievement! BLUE has been overwhelmed by the enthusiastic reception we have had from the community who are so willing and eager to participate in our citizen science programme. Over the next six months BLUE will complete this programme with the following activities:

  • Work with our seagrass guardians to ensure that the remaining nine islands complete independent surveys of their local seagrass meadows;
  • Train 10 adult community members as advanced Reef Check Eco-Divers;
  • Provide dive training to additional people and fishermen who are passionate about marine conservation; and
  • Train more than 20 people as local mangrove
BLUE has recently secured funds to run a social media campaign on Laamu Atoll in September 2020 to secure a tangible conservation commitment from the people of Laamu Atoll. BLUE aims to use its seagrass guardians, coral reef champions and mangrove custodians as leading figures in this campaign to advocate for long-lasting environmental protection on Laamu Atoll. Please visit https://www.bluemarinefoundation.com/


5 Reasons Why to Charter M/Y Rarity


1) Recently refitted 2m extension of the swim platform for easy access to tenders and the sea.

2) Air conditioned gym fully equipped gym on the sundeck.

3) Elevator connecting all decks.

4) PADI Scuba Diving Certification.

5) 559cm (220-inch) cinema screen in the sky-lounge.

6) Experienced Charter Yacht Captain Toni Brok and the crew know every nook and cranny of Croatia.

7) Chef Spiro brings his experience of Michelin Star cooking on-board.

8) Large 10m beam in the master cabin, including a private office as well as a walk-in wardrobe.

For more information, please email charter@hillrobinson.com.


M/Y Indigo Star I

38m Siar & Moschini – 1995/2018 – Designed by Siar & Moschini, her interior combines a tailored approach with an inviting ambience. The yacht offers accommodation for up to 10 guests. She is also capable of carrying up to 7 crew onboard to ensure a relaxed luxury yacht experience. Timeless styling, beautiful furnishings and sumptuous seating feature throughout to create an elegant and comfortable atmosphere.







Shipyard Siar & Moschini
Year | Refit 1995 - 2018
Length 38.00m (124’8″)
Beam 7.70m (25’3″)
Draft 2.70m (8′ 10″)
Gross Tonnage 437 Tonnes
Cruise Speed 14 knots
Range 3300nm
Fuel Consumption 600lph


Summer 2020
West Med & Croatia
From €78,000
p/week + expenses

Winter 2020-2021
From €78,000
p/week + expenses

Online Brochure

• Zodiac tender YL470DL SHARC RIB white with 100 HP Yamaha
• Jet ski Seadoo rotax 4-TEC with 260 HP
• Fly board with jetski control
• Inflatable water slide
• Combi, children and slalom waterskis
• Wakeboard
• 3 x Seabobs
• 5 x Aqualung diving sets
• 2 x Doughnuts and banana
• Chase Boat Sillinger, length 9.05 m, width 3,05 m, Mercury Verado engines 2 x 250 hp (available on request and at surcharge of EUR 500 per day plus VAT).

For more information, please contact Romina charter@hillrobinson.com



The entire Hill Robinson worldwide team gathered under one roof, the wonderful Marriott hotel in Cannes, for a productive two day seminar that was both fun and informative.

Aside from discussing all services and developing improvements, the team participated in workshops to assess personality strengths, productivity, values and behavior to make sure increase job satisfaction and overall communication.

All and all, a great success!

Hill Robinson Yacht Management Team Shot


Bahia Mar Redevelopment Plans

Ten years from now, the publicly owned Bahia Mar area, the centerpiece of FLIBS for nearly 60 years will be virtually unrecognizable. A large part of the annual Fort Lauderdale International Boat Show takes place here and development plans unveiled early 2017, will undoubtedly have an impact on the world's largest boat show.

The Marine Industries Association of South Floria (MIASF), which owns FLIBS, extended its lease of the site through to 2050 and having worked closely with the development team, were pleased with the results in order to meet the ongoing needs of the show.

Bahia Mar's redevelopment plan compromises of over 600 apartments in seven towers, restaurants and marine-related business space, a strip of low rise buildings - a marina village with kiosks, outdoor eating and a modernized marina with a public promenade around the water's edge.

Bahia Mar

The existing hotel would eventually be replaced with a new 256-room hotel. The garage of which, would have 75,000 square feet that would be converted into convention space at boat show time. This means that exhibitors, rather than being housed in tents, will be in a space with permanent air conditioning and lightning.

Kobi Karp, a prominent Miami architect who designed the Bahia Mar remodel, said the towers are elevated four stories over an "open aperture," allowing visitors to see the yachts and waterway from many vantage points. "You can have the experience of the water all the way around," Karp said, "We are giving the land and its functions and uses to the community."

The Bahia Mar plans have not been without controversy. Initially, the vision was for two 39-stpreu apartment buildings, turned down by the authorities was then reproposed as two 29-storey apartments. However, public outcry and lack of support from the boat show caused the withdrawal of this idea.

We look forward to watching this development progress.